Gaddings Dam Group

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This is the home page of the Gaddings Dam Group, who formed a not-for-profit company, the Gaddings Dam Preservation Company Limited, to buy and maintain a disused 19th Century reservoir on Langfield Common, above Todmorden, West Yorkshire, as an environmental and historical resource.


On our web page you can read about the Gaddings Dam Group ourselves and about the history of the Dam.  You can also look at some of the photographs we've taken of Gaddings Dam and of the work we've carried out there, and find out about being a Friend of Gaddings Dam.  You can also find out how to contact us.

Where does 'Gaddings' get its name from?  Find out here.

Members of the Gaddings Dam Group have discovered Horsewood Tunnel, built by the Fieldens in 1835.  More information about the Tunnel and its discovery can be found on our History page.

The siphon controlling the water level at the Dam has now been removed, and there are no immediate plans to reactivate it. Read our
News page to find out the latest reports on the water level and other updates about the Dam and the Gaddings Dam Group.

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